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he word Reentry may at first conjure up visions of space travel, however, in the context of the Juneau Reentry Coalition the definition is one much closer to home. Reentry in this case describes the transition of Juneau community members from prisons and other state institutions back into our Juneau Community. Current laws, regulations, and popular attitudes can make this process difficult and – as current recidivism rates have shown – likely to fail.
ith that transition in mind the Coalition’s primary goal is to reform this reentry process in ways that increase both community safety, and the success of our returning community members. We encourage anyone interested to look closely at all of the related issues. Doing so may lead you to the same conclusion at which we have arrived: The overall safety of any community directly correlates to the success of all it’s community members; those here already, and those rejoining us after time away.

To promote public safety we will identify and implement community-wide strategies which increase the well-being of formerly incarcerated community members to reduce the likelihood of their return to prison.

Improve communication and collaboration between the Alaska Department of Corrections and the community

Build community partnerships to strengthen local services.

Identify barriers for those being released from incarceration and take an active role in addressing those concerns.

Promoting community educational opportunities for those releasing regarding resources

Work in conjunction with the Alaska Reentry Task Force to inform and promote reentry efforts within Alaska.

The Coalition is made up of Juneau Citizens from Diverse backgrounds working for a common goal: a better community.

  • JREC has shown me a deeper part of myself I never knew existed. I have come to a better understanding of who I was and who I am today. JREC has shown me I can and will make a difference each day!

    Christina Wigg
    Christina WiggRecovery Perspective
  • The Juneau Reentry Coalition has given me an outlet to shine with my passion of serving our community and be a source of hope for others returning from prison. In particular, the Peer Support workgroup facilitating the Juneau Recovery Community Organization has given me further opportunity to fight stigma and prejudice by proudly being a face and voice of recovery! By our silence we allow others to define us.. SILENT NO MORE! Recovery WORKS!!

    Kara Nelson
    Kara NelsonRecovery Perspective
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    Jane Smith
    Jane SmithRecovery Perspective
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    Jane Smith
    Jane SmithCommunity Perspective
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